Building Mental and Emotional Resilience

We are all very familiar with the potential damage to our economy caused by the Coronavirus. We are also sadly aware of the appalling death rate caused by the virus. However, we might not be so aware of the emotional and mental toll we are paying as a consequence of this virus. The lifestyle that we have been forced to adopt to over the past few months is not natural, no matter how important and necessary it was to combat the virus.

As an aid to enable people to become aware of the personal challenges we face in these difficult times, St. Joseph’s ‘SMA’ Church, Wilton, is hosting via their webcam  (WWW.SMAWILTON.IE  click LIVE) , a four week programme on ‘Building Mental and Emotional Resilience through the concept of Mindfulness’. The course will take place each Wednesday at 7pm for 1 hour – beginning on Wednesday, 3rd June.

The programme will be conducted by:

Ber Mulcahy (RPN, RGN)

MSc in Mindfulness Based Interventions,

H.Dip in Coaching Psychology.