The Sacrament of Baptism.



Baptism can mean different things to different people. This year we wish to highlight the communal nature of baptism – by baptism one becomes a member of a Christian community, our Christian community

In this regard infant baptism will take place only once every three months. The next date will be in March on a date agreed by parents requesting for March.  Consideration can be given to parents who are active in our parish, or can confirm their active participation in another parish.


To book a date for your child’s baptism contact, the Parish Office.
The stipend for Baptism is 50 Euro.

A copy of the child’s birth certificate is required when booking a baptism.
Prior to the Baptism, a member of the parish Baptismal Team will contact you with a view to help you better understand and prepare for the occasion.
When your child is baptised the details will be registered in the Baptismal Register in the parish office.

On a Sunday following the Baptism, we will invite you to bring your baby to Mass, so that s/he can be introduced to the community.
For parents who live outside the parish but wish to have their child baptised in this parish, written consent from one of the priests of the parish you live in is required.

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Confession Times.

Saturdays – 10.30 – 11 am.

In the event of an emergencey please contact the Parish Priest Fr. Michael O Leary. 0874559972


You must make an appointment with any Civil Registrar to give notice of your intention to marry. This meeting must take place at least three months before the date of your wedding in order to comply with the civil requirement. The registrar’s office will let you know what you need to bring with you.  When all the civil requirements have been completed satisfactorily, you will receive a Marriage Registration Form (MRF) from the Registrar.  You will need to have this form in your possession at the wedding ceremony. If you forget to give this notice three months in advance then you will have to go to the Circuit Family Court for an exemption. Contact details:    Registry Office, Adelaide Street, Cork. Tel: 021- 4275126 

marriageCHURCH DOCUMENTATION: The following documents are required if you would like to be married in Church:

1. Pre-Nuptial Inquiry Form. The priest in the parish of your normal residence will fill this up with you.
2. If your place of baptism was elsewhere, you will need to get a Baptismal Certificate from your church of baptism (this certificate must be issued within six months of your marriage).
3. Letter of Freedom in some cases. Consult the priest doing your papers about this.
4. In the case where either the bride or groom is not Catholic, a dispensation will be needed. The priest will organise this for you. Situations vary from couple to couple. It would be impossible to cover everything. It is best to contact your local priest six months ahead of your wedding date and he will advise you on the documents needed in your case.

Pre-Marriage Courses:   Couples are required by Church authorities to take part in a pre- marriage course. It is advisable to book your course as early as possible. The following organisations are approved by the Diocese of Cork and Ross.Cork Marriage Counselling Centre, 34 Paul Street, Cork. Tel. 021 4272277, N.A.O.M.I. 119 Patrick Street, Cork. Tel: 021 4272213

Catholic Engaged Encounter Tel. 021-357571, 021-353908, 021-304070.

Which kind of Liturgy?:  There are two kinds of Marriage Liturgy. One is where the Marriage Promises are made during Mass. The other is where the Promises are made at a special Liturgy but without Mass. The choice of Liturgy should be made in the light of the personal faith circumstances of both parties. Most Catholics will choose to make their Marriage Promises at a nuptial Mass. However, when one is not Roman Catholic, or a non-believer, the wedding liturgy without Mass may be more appropriate. It is important to talk this decision over with the priest who will officiate.

The Church Ceremony: This needs to be discussed in detail with the officiating priest.

The fee for the use of the church is €250. It is customary to give a voluntary offering to the priest who celebrates your marriage. If neither party of the wedding is from the parish it is presumed the couple will invite a priest from their own parish, a relative or a friend, to officiate. The documentation required will be attended to by the priest in the home parish and forwarded to the Parish Office at Wilton. The priest in the home parish should be contacted several months before the wedding date. In the case where you invite a priest relative or friend to officiate at your wedding, he must produce a current Celebret from his bishop or superior to the parish clergy. Please inform him of this regulation.


The death of a loved one is always a sudden and sad shock to family and friends. The whole task of funeral arrangements can seem daunting at this time. Fortunately, the local undertakers are well experienced with the procedures involved and liaise with the clergy of Wilton Parish to ensure the easiest and most comfortable arrangements for the funeral.

Local Funeral Home