As usual, we are inviting people to bring withered palm branches to be burned to form the Ash for Ash Wednesday (14th February). The call to repentance is an individual call and an individual response.

However, the invitation to REPENT is being done in the presence of the community and with the ash formed from the withered palms of our community. This being so, it might just           challenge us to reflect a bit more seriously as a community this year.

This year the parish is inviting members to join in a series of Lenten talks on the Thursdays of Lent at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre. Each session lasts less than 45 minutes. If we don’t do the work of Lent, we come to Easter and nothing will have changed in our lives or in the life of our parish. The talks will revolve around the themes contained in the Lenten Prayer card prepared at the entrance to the church. Please take one as you come and go from the church.

As Parish Priest, I am seriously extending this invitation to all parishioners.

It’s time for those who are concerned about the future of our parish to take ownership of that future and show the need to work and grow together this Lent.