In the presence of Fr. Michael PP, Ann Cronin, the director and staff of the Centre the renovated centre was declared open.  At the occasion, the SMA Fathers were thanked for their generous financial support in meeting the cost of the renovation.  The builder Petram Construction was thanked for their work and cooperation in allowing many of the programs to continue running during the renovations.

The Centre has been in existence since 20th April 1987 and now with the addition of four new rooms more new groups can be accommodated.  The Centre now accommodates now up to 60 groups, providing Wilton and adjoining areas of the city with first class accommodation for their programs.

It is hoped that the Centre can be in time a source of inspiration for the SMA story.  Beginnings have been made in the naming of the Hall as the Fr. Zimmerman hall and the main room on thirst floor in the renovated Centre be named after de Marion Bresillac, the Founder of the SMA Fathers.