Three young trees were growing together in the forest, each one healthy and ambitious.  As they compared their dreams, one wanted to be built into a castle or a palace, and so play a part in the lives of the high and mighty of society.

The second wanted to become the mast in one of the tall ships, sailing around the world with a great sense of adventure.

The third hoped to end up as a part of some public monument, where the public would stop, admire, and take photographs.


Years passed by, all the three were cut down.

The first was chopped up and parts of it were put together to form the manger for a stable in Bethlehem.

The second was cut down, and the trunk was scooped out to form a boat which was launched on the Sea of Galilee.

The third was cut into sections, two of them were nailed together to form a cross on Calvary.

Each had a unique and special part to play in the one great story of redemption.  What part are you playing in the story of redemption of making the world a better place?