A recent survey was conducted inviting people to nominate what they consider to be an example which they find to be something positive in our parish.    The list is varied but it does show that, like todays Gospel, if people offer up their loaves of bread God can do something with them for the good of our parish.

The following is a list of some of the responses, more will be shared next week.  They represent gestures being done by a few people and it’s nice to know that some people have acknowledged them.  It’s a positive step to note and to become aware of the “many hints and nudges” that our parish provides to enable us to touch the working of God in our lives.  What loaf of bread or fish are you brining to the table to nourish the community?


1 The “Laudato Tree” initiative shows the commitment the parish has to nature and the wellbeing of the earth.

  1. I love the sense of prayer I see in the parish.
  2. Sunday gospel preparation leaflet.
  3. Asking the congregation to be involved is a positive new initiative.  Thank you for asking people to be involved.
  4. Bereavement support group.
  5. Live streaming of Mass.
  6. Welcome of ethnic groups – parish demonstrates the catholic nature of the church.
  7. I was born in 1949 and have wonderful memories of Bishopstown and Wilton church.
  8. Priests in the parish who smile, affirm and give hope and encouragement to worshippers.
  9. Adoration.
  10. A vibrant parish.  SMA church is giving a brilliant service to all people.
  11. SMA church – so peaceful and full of memories and hope.
  12. Living Faith booklet.
  13. Church renovation.
  14. The work done to help others though AA and Tabor Lodge groups.  Powerful witness.