This meditation invites you to become aware of things in your life that you should be thankful for.

  • Bring to awareness your breath, as you inhale each breath bringing life to you.
  • Become aware of your heart beating, filling your heart with calm and peace.
  • Become aware of your eyes that let you see the colour, faces, smiles, nature, the sunrise, the sunset, the rainbow.
  • Be aware of your ears that let you hear the music, laughter, voices of those you love and the silence.
  • Become aware of your nose that lets you smell the ocean breeze, the flowers, newly cut grass, cupcakes cooking in the oven.
  • Be aware of your mouth that lets you taste and savour food, that lets you speak and sing.
  • Become aware of your hands that let you hold, touch, applaud and hug.
  • Be aware of your feet that let you stand, walk, run and dance.
  • Be aware of your tears and sorrows and the strength you get to carry on.

Be aware of the life within you

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