TOWN FESTIVAL –  water instead of wine.
A mayor of a certain town decided to hold a harvest festival.   All without exception were invited to the celebration.   The mayor himself offered to provide food.  To ensure that there would be enough wine, each guest was asked to bring along a bottle of wine.  The wine would be poured into a huge cask from which all could take a glass and drink.  The day of the festival arrives and every man, woman, and child in the town showed up.  Thanks to the generosity of the mayor, there was an abundance of food.  Each guest duly arrived with a bottle of wine and poured the contents into the cask.  When all was ready the mayor went to the cask.  Tapping the cask, an aide filled the mayor’s glass.   Holding up the glass, the mayor said, “I declare the festival open.”   Then taking a sip from the glass he discovered to his dismay that it was not wine but water.  It seems that each guest had argued like this.  My contribution won’t be missed, so instead of bringing a bottle of wine each brought a bottle of water.  The festival was ruined.
Another story from the booklet “More seeds in the wind”.  On sale in the Mass Office €5 a copy.