SMA Wilton Parish responds to the Homeless crisis in Cork. The Wilton Justice Group has collaborated with Cork Simon community in an exciting project to house the homeless of Cork. Simon community have acquired a historic building. The old stone building on Angelsea  Street . known as St. Joachim and Ann’s which  was originally built in 19th century to house retired priests’ housekeepers. Latterly it has served as a nursing home.

The Wilton justice group has supported different projects in Simon since we became a group in 2014. Because of this support Simon invited the group to become involved in the fundraising to establish nine apartments in St Joachim and Ann’s. The group were invited to visit St. Joachim and Ann’s to view the plans. Simon have succeeded in obtaining a capital grant to do the major work on the building. Simon invited the Wilton Justice group to fundraise to cover the cost of fitting out one of these apartments.  Through parish effort we had a great response and have succeeded in raising €6,500, the cost of fitting out one  apartment.  Several groups in the parish collaborated in this effort, The Carol singers from An Gael Scoil raised money by singing carols in the shopping centre.  The annual parish Christmas Carol service also donated half of its takings to the project. The bingo group who meet in the parish centre raised funds through a raffle. The placing of red ribbons on the Christmas tree and contributing to Simon was supported by the parishioners.

The Wilton Justice Group feel privileged to be involved in such a practical project to help to solve the homeless problem in Cork city.

Kathleen O’Connor , member of the Wilton Justice Group.