The Meaning of Lent

There is something strongly compelling about the season of Lent.   It is a time when collectively we all try to open ourselves a little more to putting God back at the centre of our lives.

Something about the fact that we all are on this journey creates a space which perhaps makes it a little easier to go deeper.

Most of us have memories from childhood days.  The solemn ritual of receiving the ashes, the deep purple vestments of Mass.  I vividly remember giving up chocolate for Lent.

But while the outward symbols and resolutions help us to focus, it is what happens on the inside that is really important.  Like a clothes closet that hasn’t been cleansed for a while, our lives accumulate clutter.  Things which take up space but which are not useful or helpful.   Lent is a time for taking stock and seeing anew what is truly important.