One day a little boy decided to go and look for God.  He set off after breakfast and headed for the nearby park.  He was a small boy, with short legs, and by the time he reached the park it was time for a snack.

He sat down on a bench and got out his sandwich and lemonade.  Soon an elderly lady came and sat down on the bench beside him.  She looked tired, and the little boy was sorry for her and offered her some of his lunch.  She accepted his kindness with a grateful smile.

After lunch the two of them sat on the bench and chatted together.  The boy told the woman about his family and his school and his hopes and dreams for the future, and the more he told her, the younger the woman felt, and the more inspired and energised.  She in turn listened to his story with a long, knowing smile, an told him a few stories of her own.

When the little boy got back home, his mother asked him, “So did you find God?”

“Oh, yes,” he replied without hesitation.  “And she has the most amazing smile.”

And that evening the old lady told her husband of her day’s encounter. “I met God in the park today,’ she said, “and he is much younger than I expected.”