Eco Parish garden

The Wilton Justice Group is in the process of promoting the Wilton parish as an Eco Congregation. As well as encouraging parishioners to care for the environment  and be active in promoting climate justice.

We are very fortunate to have an eco  garden on the grounds of our church. Over the past few years, Fr, TomKearney,S.MA has been developing this garden. The ethos of the garden is promoting our contact with soil and the world of plants and lead to an appreciation of the earth and the universe and begin to wonder at the beauty and bounty of God’s creation.

At this stage we are anxious that the parish would become more involved in the development of this garden. We are seeking volunteers who are interested in gardening to help in the developing of this garden. If you are interested in helping out in this important development and be prepared to give a few hours in the week to help in the development of the eco garden. You can contact Fr. Tom  or any member of the Wilton Justice Group if you are interested in developing the ‘eco garden.